Multi-Instrumentalist / Musical Director / Band Fixer
Endorsed by Gallien Krueger & Cosmic Ears



Digby Lovatt is a multi-instrumentalist, specialising on the bass guitar and keyboards. Being a lover of music from a young age Digby experimented with many instruments, before settling on the bass, he continued to follow his passion through college and university being awarded the prestigious ICMP bass scholarship in 2014 (age 16), awarded by Ernieball Musicman. 

During Digby's time at university and after graduating in 2018, Digby has been performing globally as a multi-instrumentalist, basing himself in London. Digby also regularly works with artists as a musical director, studio bassist, and band fixer, for local and touring artists.

Digby has worked with, and been seen playing alongside;

James Vickery, Kelis, Plested, Blanco White, Laurel, Mathilda Homer, Sody, Conor Maynard, APRE, Ruby Francis, Pat Burgener, 10:32, and many others.



Endorsed by Gallien Krueger & Cosmic Ears

BassMods NPS (5 String)
Sadowsky M5-24 (5 String)
Fender P-Bass (4 String)
Fender Stratocaster (Electric Guitar)
Moog Sub 37
Roland FA-06
Gallien Krueger: 1001-RB, 800MB, Neo410, Neo112, & PLEX
Various Pedals


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